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Rug #69

Tonight, my friend and I went to a thrift store that we’ve never been to before. The minute we walked in we saw books and went straight to them. We ended up spending our entire time there. They had a buy 4 get 1 free deal. Each book was listed for $3-4 dollars. When we got to the cashier, he randomly brought them down to less then a dollar each! And we still got a book free.

Inspired by solangeknowles

Trinidad’s Folkloric Ballet  
David Alan Harvey

Yang-tsung Fan泳池系列-男男女女, 2013


"I don’t really like people, but it’s difficult to get comfortable with loneliness. I mean, I’ve tried to have friends, but it never works out. And I’m tired of going out alone. I’m ok staying in at my place. It smells good when I burn incense and I have a lot of records and I can just play video games.” The bus she was waiting for arrived. “Do you need to go?” "It’s ok. Another one will come in ten minutes… But then, you know, sometimes I just want a partner— a relationship. It would be nice to share this part of my life with someone. I’ve been single for years, and you know, there are people I could call if I wanted to. But people always end up saying things that rub me the wrong way, or if I open up to them, suddenly they want me to be their best friend, and I don’t want people to have expectations of me. I don’t want to waste anyone else’s time if I’m not interested in being close to them." Another bus came and went while she told me about the loneliness, wiping tears from her eyes. Then another. “I’m sorry, I’ve talked too long.” "It’s really ok. Sometimes we just need to connect." "Yeah, I forget that sometimes."

oh my god.. <3 this breaks me

IVORY @ Fucking Young Magazine Hair & MU : Christel ManStyling : Jeroen KamphorstPhotography Marc HaersModel : Zélig Joyce Wilson